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Whitening | BriteSmile in the News...

britesmile teeth whitening

"Celebrities far and wide are dreaming of the 2002 Academy Awards on March 24…then the moment they’ve all been waiting for: picking up this year’s Oscar Basket. Given to presenters and performers following their stage appearances each basket will be stuffed with $20,000—that’s right, $20,000—worth of sumptuous goodies, including…a teeth whitening session at BriteSmile ($600)."

- People Magazine, March 25, 2002

"This is a very generous way for the Academy to thank the presenters and performers. In the last few years, it was the A-list of luxury companies... [including] BriteSmile, teeth whitening... a $600 value. So coffee, drinking and red wine can be wiped away."

- The Today Show guest Robert Verdi with Katie Couric, March 18, 2002

"Among the most popular [teeth whitening options] is the BriteSmile system, which was developed by John Warner, a former NASA scientist, and is administered by about 3,000 independent dentists nationwide and in 14 company-owned centers in 12 cities..."

- New York Times, July 8, 2001

"At BriteSmile, a national chain that uses plasma-light technology to whiten teeth nine-plus shades in about an hour, patients can view a movie during their treatments…now that’s dental-tainment!"

- Rosie Magazine, May 2001

"Whiter teeth can be yours with…BriteSmile Professional Teeth Whitening Spas. The gums and mouth are protected, then a hydrogen peroxide whitening gel is applied to the teeth. It’s activated with a gas-plasma light. Unlike other light sources, this one activates the gel so that all the teeth are whitened at once."

- Real Simple Magazine, April 2001

"With dental day spas cropping up around the country, visiting the dentist is quickly becoming the beauty indulgence du jour. At BriteSmile, a lunchtime power bleach, which lightens teeth up to ten shades, takes just an hour."

- In Style Magazine, March 2001

"Nobody is turned on by a grungy grin, which is why BriteSmile tooth whitening spas are opening nationwide. During the procedure, which takes about an hour, a dentist paints your teeth with a bleaching gel, then exposes them to a gas plasma light while you snooze or watch TV. There’s no pain and lots to gain."

- Good Morning America Host Charles Gibson, February 2001

"The dentist coats the teeth with a gel containing whitening chemicals that are activated by a painless blue plasma light aimed at the teeth for sixty minutes. My teeth definitely got a few shades whiter in a natural-looking way."

- Glamour, February 2001

"Always looking to get my teeth whiter, I knew I had to check out BriteSmile, a hi-tech teeth whitening procedure. I walked into the shiny new center and was escorted to a chair. A dentist inspected my mouth…A technician then applied a protective gel to my gums and a whitening gel (which contains fifteen-percent hydrogen peroxide) to my teeth. The BriteSmile light was then directed at my teeth. No effort on my part, I sat there watching TV for an hour. Afterward, there they were – my very white teeth! For me it was worth it."

- Marie Claire, January 2001

"BriteSmile, the professional teeth whitening spa, first opened last year in California. Here’s how it works: patients are first examined by a dentist. Then they relax in a dentist’s chair with gel on their teeth. For an hour, the BriteSmile 2000 light activates the hydrogen peroxide gel, bleaching the teeth."

- Newsweek, December 2000

"If you want quicker results than the at-home kits offer – and can afford a pricier fix – there’s "power" or laser bleaching, which use a light source or laser, respectively, to activate a bleaching solution on teeth…look for BriteSmile, a company with eleven freestanding whitening centers and five more debuting later this year. Their light-assisted plasma bleaching procedure, developed by a former NASA scientist, takes little more than an hour and offers the safety of a dentist’s office with the comforts of a spa."

- Self Magazine, February 2000

"Turning not-so-pearly whites into gleaming choppers is usually costly (veneers can run as high as $10,000) or cumbersome (ever tried to talk on the phone with a mouthful of bleaching gel?). Now BriteSmile, a national chain of tooth-whitening salons – with locations in Atlanta, Beverly Hills, Boston, and, soon, in Manhattan – has brought day-spa ease and affordability to cosmetic dentistry."

- Allure, March 2000

"Now, in the time it takes to watch a Melrose Place rerun, inspect the cast’s blue-white teeth and realize "Hey, my teeth should be whiter!" they could be. The combination of gas plasma light treatment and a hydrogen peroxide gel lightens choppers about nine shades."

- Vogue, September 1999


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whitening solutions | britesmile

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