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after | all porcelain crowns | aesthetic & restorative
 After  |  all porcelain crowns

Restorative | Spaces or Missing Teeth

Spaces or missing teeth can be corrected using all ceramic crowns.

All ceramic crowns have given thousands of people the superior cosmetic results they desire.  Because all-ceramic restorations contain no metal understructure, they are able to transmit the color of adjacent teeth and tooth structure.  This enables them to blend more completely with the surrounding natural teeth.

In addition to their chameleon-like quality of disappearing in the mouth, these restorations have become stronger than ever.  With product research and development and state-of-the-art cementation and bonding techniques, modern all-ceramic systems rival traditional restorations for their use in anterior (front teeth) bridgework.

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before | all porcelain crowns | aesthetic & restorative
 Before  |  all porcelain crowns

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