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after | composite restorations | natural colored fillings
 After  |  Natural-colored fillings that bond teeth
and help hold them together (composite)


Restorative | Composite Restorations                 

Why we only use composite restorations (natural-colored "white fillings") instead of silver-mercury amalgam fillings

Composite resin fillings (or white fillings) contain no mercury.  They are bonded to the tooth and therefore help prevent fractures on teeth.  Amalgam (silver-mercury) fillings expand and contract differently than your natural teeth do, which will crack and break the teeth they are in.

Composite fillings can be contoured to the exact bite, are readily repairable, and look completely natural!  Some of the drawbacks to this type of fillings is:  They are much more time consuming to place and therefore, more expensive.  Some insurance companies still do not pay well for them, even though they are better for the patient.

Did you know that many foreign governments' regulatory agencies have banned the use of amalgam all together, or in pregnant women and children under 18 years old?  To provide our patients with the highest standards of dental care, we only place composite resin fillings at Chestnut Hills Dental.  The are simply better for your teeth and better looking.

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before | amalgams fillings
Before |  Metal fillings that can crack and can
break teeth (amalgam)

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