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 After | The surrounding gum tissue is trimmed which balances the look of the smile

Aesthetic | Laser Gum Contouring

This treatment involves contouring and shaping the gum tissue that surrounds one or more teeth.  It may be performed for functional or aesthetic reasons.  Laser gum contouring is used to enhance the patient's smile.  For example, the procedure may be used to improve the appearance of "gummy" smile where teeth appear too short.  The teeth may actually be the proper length, but too much gum tissue covers them.  Also, in some cases, the gum line is uneven - which can make the teeth appear irregular.
Dr. Vitalie can contour the gum tissue to create a more even and balanced look.

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laser gum contouring | william a vitalie, dmd
 Before | The gum line is uneven,
 making the teeth appear malformed
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